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What Does 'Be A Man' Mean?

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‘Be A Man’ can mean fitting in with stereotypes of masculinity that don’t work for you. We are not all built the same way, we don’t all think the same way, so why would to ‘Be A Man’ come as a one size fits all box? See below video for more.

Men's Health and Wellbeing

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Boys often have their health dismissed by others to ‘toughen you up’. So as Men you often wait months (even years) to investigate pain and you may never explore ways for greater happiness. But being male doesn’t mean to suffer in silence.

Men & Fulfilling Relationships

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Men want their partners and their children to love and like them. But can struggle with conflicting requirements to be the breadwinner, to be tough, and in charge, which can stop Men relating with their family openly about their experiences.


I felt unsure about coming to my first appointment, but from the time I sat down I just felt I was in the right place at The Source of Wellness. Jack, Morley


Now I book into The Source of Wellness whenever something is bothering me at work, in life, or when I’ve got pain! Dimitri, Fremantle

Men's Zone

Men experience life’s ups and downs and body pain in a men way. Men talk about problems differently and understand men’s health using ‘man definitions’ that often don’t coincide with the textbooks.

And men often feel constrained about how much you will allow yourself to seek help for health and wellbeing matters. 

Men usually seek help for a problem they have already worked out. Not knowing, often keeps men in sufferance until they know the answer or they’ve had enough of the pain and are willing to ‘risk’ coming in for an appointment.

If this rings true of you, then don’t wait. Over 24 years we have listened and understood perplexing health issues and navigated uncomfortable silences with insight borne of our knowledge, our experience and our fresh perspective as health experts that can join the dots of your story to explain the unexplainable and sometimes the inexplicable.

Forget about being a man, and be a human. We all need to take time for ourself, our health and our wellbeing to stay in your best condition and give your best performances.

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Listening to Men.

The Man Box

Attitudes and expectations of men are changing and what you grew up believing you needed to do to ‘Be A Man’ may now feel under attack. Are you meant to take charge and be stoic, or are you allowed to say sometimes you don’t know what to do next and that’s okay to do? 

Relationships as a Starting Line

Happy relationships are an ongoing negotiation. As this video highlights often you can think of getting into a relationship as the end of extra relationship effort!

You’ve ‘secured’ your love interest as your partner and now you can coast along in the love zone, or can you? Relationships are very much like gardens, if you stop paying attention they are quickly overrun by weeds and what was good about it can become obscured through lack of time and attention.

And once you’re in the relationship you might find that you coming up against conflict that you’re not quite sure how to deal with it. We recommend the Better Man website which gives resources and a quiz about your relationship negotiation skills.

Are Men One-Size-Fits-All?

Men talking about what it’s like to be a boy and a man. The lessons about ‘life as a man’ that were handed down to you, and whether you still feel these views are relevant, helpful, or what you want for your life and what you want from life.