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Pain Relief Treatment

In Pain Relief Treatment with Ally, she will lead you through her signature process to address the life landscape when your pain first occurred and the times at which it recurs, or if it is constant what contributes to its easing and what exacerbates your pain.

Pain is not just either physical or emotion. Every single time you experience pain, you have an emotional response to your pain whether that is mild annoyance, extreme frustration, overwhelm, agony or anywhere inbetween.

Pain at a physical level cannot be divorced from your emotions and to resolve nagging pain, unexplained pain, recurring pain, chronic pain then it requires more than just a physical / anatomical approach to resolve it, but also requires physical / anatomical approaches to resolve it.

Equally emotion-driven pain will cause physical pains, for example, with depression people often experience  low back pain, in anxiety people experience a lot of neck and shoulder pain, with panic people experience digestive dysfunction and intestinal pain.

Pain is a red flag, and an opportunity. Why does this 'opportunity' have to be painful? Because if it wasn't you would not change what you are doing, and for whatever reason, which will become clearer during your Pain Treatment Program you will understand it's purpose in your life.

Many have credited their most painful life episode as the signpost to something better in the future.

If you are stuck in pain then you sink like standing in quicksand, as pain is meant to be moved through

Pain moves you toward or away from something

Pain Relief Treatment with Ally is for those who:

  • are motivated to find their pain solution
  • are able to consider causes for pain other than bad luck or poor posture (although both contribute, neither are the whole story)
  • do not want to be stuck with pain for the rest of their life
  • do not believe getting older means accumulating more and more pain
  • are willing to find their journey through pain and the path out of pain
  • understand pain release is not a linear success only journey, your body will give you opportunities to prove your understanding
  • trust that each pain recurrence is developing a greater depth of skill in handling pain and learning to let go of pain with more ease and faster

Ally will treat the causes of pain with any number of techniques that she is highly skilled in, but also work with you to place your pain on a timeline and connect with family patterns, life events to address the knot of your pain and find where your pain is finding its source of energy in your life.

As a natural, yet scientifically-minded, healer, Pain Relief Treatment with Ally also treats the deeper levels of the body and involves other ways of addressing pain beyond the anatomical, while still addressing the anatomical and functional nature of our body and movement which can contribute to pain.

Therapies used are gentle and non-invasive and address both physical and emotion causes of pain.

So take one step, book in for Pain Relief Treatment with Ally and start your journey to pain free, and into something better!



Combines two decades of learning, experience and wisdom gathered when you treat many people over many years into one treatment pathway

Includes Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Chinese Meridians and the Extraordinary Vessels plus Mu-Shu treatment protocols, Wholistic Healing

Includes latest scientific research as Ally is connected with Murdoch University, Perth, Australia

Pain Treatment is a 'step-by-step pathway' view of pain-relief. It's not a miracle cure, it is systematic to give you the best treatment and chance for pain-free living