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Pain Relief Treatment (Bodywork Video Consult)

Bodywork Video Consults for Pain Relief shortens your recovery from pain. How do Bodywork Video Consults work?

Electricity is a fact of everyday life.

  • Electricity is what powers our internal Nervous System. Messages to move, messages that allow us to experience happiness, messages that force us to experience pain - these are all conveyed by electrical impulses in our Nervous System
  • We also have electricity running through the walls of our home.
  • We create hydro energy through converting the movement of water into electricity.
  • We create wind energy through converting the movement of air into electricity.
  • We believe invisible radio waves, which are electromagnetic waves, travel through time and space, including being bounced to satellites in outer space and bounced back down to earth so that you can  using your mobile phone call your Mum or loved ones on the other side of our planet.
  • We believe in having an Xray invisible rays (electromagnetic waves) are in the room and that any person not being xrayed needs to leave the room otherwise they will be affected
  • A radio wave travels from Earth to the Sun (149.3 million kilometres in outer space) in 8 minutes
  • And a wave of light can travel around the Earth's equator seven times in a second!

So in everyday life, outside of our body, and separate to us as people, we believe in a great many forms and a great many ways of transmitting electricity. We believe in its speed, in its power, and we believe in its invisibility as waves of energy, waves of light, waves of electromagnetic, radio waves - they are all different forms of electrical energy in our world and in our body.

Now how did humans invent these clever machines and come to understand these scientific principles of electricity and its transmission?

Scientists did this, probably believing they were understanding and mastering our external environment, not realising that they were modelling their external knowledge and creation of external systems based on how our internal body works.

Now science and medicine understand, inside our body, our nervous system is powered by our own electricity - it's what makes everything move and function! Without this electrical movement through the wires (nerves) inside our body we would be dead (no energy), rather than low in energy (tired or depressed).

So that is a short explanation of a large body of science. To keep it simple, our body has different layers of functioning.

  • The driving force in our body is our internal electricity, which moves super fast through the body using the nerves (wires) of our nervous system
  • This electricity powers our physical body, our organs, muscles, soft tissues
  • Like all good electrical systems, our body also has its own cooling systems involving fluids - both blood and lymph. Our bodies are 60 per cent fluid.
  • I'll stick to explaining the areas I work with directly, which is our electrical layer which is our nervous system and the structural layer of the physical body, including organs, muscles and other soft tissues where pain is felt.

Our emotions are great at managing and reducing our pain but if understanding emotion is not yet harnessed in you, then your emotions are also really good at magnifying events to cause more pain.

So some people see emotion as another layer of the body, whereas I see emotions as a tool within the electrical layer of our body.

When we think about an event or person, that focus connects us to the object / person in our mind's eye. Many people experience that coincidence of thinking about someone faraway who then makes contact within the next few days out-of-the-blue, and after a long absence of communication. Your focus on them, was transmitted and received and acted upon!

So when we have a Video Consult Pain Relief Consult, we are together in the same 'space' as we connect via a Video Call. As mentioned the physical components of the body are dense and slow moving, but the electrical part of our functioning is light and fast-moving. So I can correct imbalances in your electrical layer that through the functioning of your Nervous System will be conveyed to your physical organs and tissues reducing pain much more quickly than if you attended in person.

Video Consult Pain Relief treatment reduce your pain journey by up to half. So it is not a 'miracle one-time' treatment. And please do not book looking for the 'miracle'. But I can guarantee based on experience that Video Consult Pain Relief treatment works deeper and faster than when you lie on my treatment table and I have hands on.

Just like the radio waves flying through the air all the time, the electromagnetic waves flying through the air all the time, the light wavelengths flying through the air all the time - people are also transmitting waves of their own all the time.

Ever heard the saying that: 'People will 'feel' you long before they will 'hear' you'? 

Ever noticed that you avoid a certain person because they didn't 'feel' right to stand next to at the bus stop or sit next to on a train?

Ever known your loved one was feeling down from seeing them walk toward you and before they said anything at all to you?

Well we all transmit waves of energy, you cannot be an electrically powered system internally and not have some of that energy radiate off you into the external world. Same as our electrical appliances create electromagnetic fields (EMF) of energy and can be measured by science.

Science has spent so much time and energy on exploring, understanding, and building things in our external world but we have only just scratched the top layer of understanding the true nature and power of our internal world.

It is an exciting path to delve into, and with greater instrumentation to measure our internal workings, we will find science will go in leaps and bounds 'discovering' what you and I will already know and have experienced with Video Consult Pain Relief Treatment with Pain Relief Lady.

Distance Pain Treatment Video Consult

Video Consult


You can receive treatment from anywhere in the world

No need to rush to meet me at the clinic or be concerned with traffic

This works at a deeper level of the body and addresses the bigger pain situations people are in

Please note this is not a 'miracle one-off'. If you are seeking a 'one-time fix' then there are other practitioners claiming they do that - but that is not me. This is still a treatment process limited by your physical limits to release pain at each consult

Bodywork Video Consults filters to the physical body post treatment over a few days, sometimes longer

Combines two decades of learning, experience and wisdom gathered when you treat many people over many years into one treatment pathway

Includes knowledge of your Craniosacral system, and Chinese Meridian and the Extraordinary Vessel Meridians plus Mu-Shu treatment protocols, plus anatomical and physiological knowledge