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Pain Relief Counselling / Coaching (Video Consult)

If you have recurring or long-term pain you may have been told by a medical professional at some point that "your pain is in your head" and not your body. This is so dismissive when you know that what you feel is in your body and not imagined - and then maybe you have doubted yourself and wondered if you are truly going crazy and just making it up!

Pain is definitely felt in our body, not our mind! Our mind interprets pain, but our mind does not 'feel' pain.

BUT we can use many tools, including our mind, to reduce pain in our body - did you know that? Have you tried it before? Has it been successful? I wonder what you have been shown.

Work with Ally, Pain Relief Lady to learn tools and strategies that reduce the severity of pain you feel in the moment it strikes, and reduce its frequency of recurrence.

Because living with pain is not what you were born to do.

Learning how to move past pain by developing wisdom about your body, your mind, and your journey is the challenge you have been given to realign your path with intention.

  • First we work on teaching you how to manage your pain both with medication if that is what you are used to and other means which involve natural methods and non-medication pathways.
  • We then move on to your next stage which is to accept your pain (this can be very difficult in the beginning).
  • From here you are in a much better space to reduce your pain in the moment and longer term. This is where it gets exciting and progress can be much more rapid.
  • Finally we work on maintenance of the strategies and continued use of the tools we have used to keep your progress continuing and taking hold as habit.

Pain can be an opportunity to change things to suit us. Pain can also be a great motivator to do things beyond our normal and change our routines.

Finding your 'new normal' is very much part of Pain Relief Coaching. Done right you will find a better place post-pain than you had pre-pain. 

So if you're reading this, you have a problem in your life that has hit your threshold where you are thinking if only you could find the right person to help talk you through it, to listen, and help you get clear on how to get out of pain for good!

Ally has made a career in resolving pain, because pain motivates, because pain is the key to a shift and a step towards a better way to do life.

Most often we need help to find the key that turns the lock, that opens the door, that leads to what you want.

AND before you start backing away from getting what you want, because there is another of those pesky reasons we stay with pain, we really aren't comfortable with that next step yet, and that's where as your Pain Relief Coach I step up and give you the support you need, to consolidate that step, before the next step.

Long-term pain relief is about building a pathway between where you are, to where you want to be.

As your Pain Relief Coach I can help you identify attitudes or self-limiting thoughts no longer relevant given your new plan.

In Pain Relief Coaching we discuss issues, obstacles or problems in the context of a solution-focussed approach. While we may work with tough subjects and old feelings it is with a strategy in mind, it is a different approach to psychology sessions, as it is solutions-focussed rather than issues-based.

The best part of having a Coach is having an independent, knowledgeable, supportive health professional who has treated people with chronic and recurring pain since 2000.

A Pain Relief Coach who can see what you cannot, someone who reflects accountability, and helps illuminate areas overlooked by your blind spot.

Transitions are key to happy living and I (Ally Smart) am a skilled facilitator in helping people move from one life stage or life purpose to the next.

Frequency of Coaching sessions needs to be regular usually between 2 to 3 weeks apart.

Feel free to email with any questions about the applicability of Pain Relief Coaching for you today or simply Request A Consultation online 24/7!


  • Pain Relief Coaching from an experienced health professional who has helped thousands like you walk pain-free
  • Pain Relief Coaching with an experienced health professional, who also has personal experience with chronic pain and achieved long-term pain relief
  • Strategies taught rely on research of pain pathways in the body, and pain interpretation by the mind, to get the best pain relief result for you
  • Address pain at multiple levels of interpretation to find where it is anchored in your system, its triggers, and your pain frequency cycle
  • Be the Boss! Get out from underneath your pain and take charge of life again
  • Tools and strategies that are tailored to you
  • Help to see obstacles and innovative strategies to overcome, minimise or remove them
  • Someone who will call you on your BS in the most supportive way!
  • Solutions-focussed
  • Someone to celebrate with you as you achieve small and large wins along your Pain Relief Pathway