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In-Clinic Consults are Back!

Posted on 28/04/2020 by Pain Relief Lady

Federal and State Government changes to trade, health practices and social distancing mean that Pain Relief Lady can conduct in-clinic consults again. Social distancing between clients will be in place. This a low-risk environment with only you and Pain Relief Lady on premise at any one time. In-clinic appointments are available from Saturday 2 May

Measures to maintain high standards of healthcare are:

  • Extended gaps between appointments so no client crossover
  • If you arrive very early please stay in your car until the first person leaves
  • All surfaces are disinfected between clients including chairs
  • Clients to wash hands before entering treatment room
  • Pain Relief Lady has always washed hers before and after each client
  • Linen is always fresh and boil-washed at 95 degrees
  • With any sign of cough, sore throat, fever, or difficulty breathing cancel your appointment and attend a Covid19 clinic for testing
  • If you have Covid19 and are quarantined, you can still receive relief from pain with an online consult
  • If you wish to remain at home, you can still book an online pain-relief consult or online counselling for help to resolve emotion or mental health
  • Pain Relief Lady recommends the COVIDSafe app to speed up notification to all (including strangers you are near but cannot name) if you get the virus. More info: https://www.health.gov.au/using-our-websites/privacy/privacy-policy-for-covidsafe-app

As restrictions are eased, be happy but mindful. We will likely see infection rates go up and down over the next few months, and with each new situation we will again adapt. I'm always here to counsel you through stressful times, with 21 years experience I'm told I do that well.

Warm wishes

Ally, Pain Relief Lady