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Tinnitus can be experienced as ringing, buzzing, clicking, roaring, or as a low-level hum heard inside the ear.

Depending on the severity and frequency, people with tinnitus may experience mood alterations, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, insomnia or even at its worst suicidal fantasies. It can interfere in social activities, with the sufferer avoiding crowded locations due to difficulty hearing others in conversation.

The causes of tinnitus include lesions in the auditory canal (otitis, otosclerosis), but a high percentage is the result of biochemical alterations in the nerve pathways which irritate the auditory nerve.

In treatment, we use Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Acupressure to look at the cause of tinnitus by assessing the cranial bones for position and movement and the effect this is having on the vestibulocochlear nerve which affects both equilibrium and hearing (NO bone manipulation involved). We also work with the central nervous system to assess for over-activation - despite the cause for your tinnitus the sound of tinnitus causes you a lot of stress and the mental exertion to 'block out' the noise inside your head is incredibly draining. Our treatment will reduce the strain on your nerves and look at both neural and physical contributors to the tinnitus.

In conjunction we treat the symptoms of tinnitus, reducing stress in the body, decreasing neck, shoulder and jaw tension which can create pressure on the auditory canal and disturbance of neural impulses. Your emotional wellbeing past and present is also a focus of treatment as it is such a major area affected by tinnitus.

Tinnitus is poorly understood by medicine due to a lack of research into its causes. We treat people with tinnitus from a perspective of cranial and neural positioning and alignment and the stress both mental, physical and emotional caused by the noise in your ears creating a sense of disconnection from the people and environment around you.

We also use Acupressure points which are the same as Acupuncture points using Chinese Medicine meridian lines to treat ear dysfunction and hearing issues. The benefit of using our fingers is the direct feedback we get as to which points need treatment. 

Our tinnitus treatments are successful in reducing the volume and frequency of tinnitus, when you follow our advices to you. Reduction in the tinnitus may be immediate but not permanent, with continued treatment you will get more and longer periods of quiet or quieter space. This will be dependent on addressing other life factors which are known to exacerbate tinnitus, which we will discuss with you during your treatment.

Treatment success is not judged after your first consult. Tinnitus is a difficult situation to resolve and will take time. We would expect by 4-5 treatments you are noticing changes in how your tinnitus expresses and with our treatment plan we can help you get a much quieter quality of life long term.

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