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Sinusitis is a chronic infection of the sinus (air cavities) within the cranial and facial bones. Between episodes of acute sinusitis the sinus cavities are not draining fully. The infection remains at a low-level, with the infection easily triggered into another acute attack.

Sinusitis can affect vision, hearing, mental clarity due to ‘stuffy’ or ‘heavy’ feeling in the head, cause headaches, lethargy and mood alterations.

Dairy products, cold air, breathing in through the mouth, influenza, stress, poor diet, and the common cold can all be triggers to a sinusitis episode.

In treatment we use Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Acupressure to work with the facial bones where the sinuses are located and determine where there are restrictions and assist full drainage of each cavity. After your first treatment, you will experience drainage of the sinus down the back of your throat (more than usual), this will continue with a series of treatments until all cavities are clear.

After a focused treatment series, you will experience greater energy, as your body is no longer constantly fighting a low-grade sinus infection.

We encourage a consult with our Naturopath / Homeopath to give your immune system a big boost through dietary means and / or supplements post-treatment, as your immunity has been compromised for a long period of time.

Acupuncture is also another wonderful means of treating sinusitis and your Practitioner will determine whether your body is in a state of damp internally that is allowing the mucus infection to flourish and persist. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture balances heat excess or deficiency, dampness, organ systems such as respiratory and digestive that may be contributing to your ongoing sinusitis.

As your body is patterned to respond to certain triggers with sinusitis, it is possible you may experience sinusitis within your body’s usual time pattern.

Initially with treatment at each recurrence and maintaining good health and immune function, and reducing dairy intake (switch to soy products or lactose-free milk), the attacks will not be as severe, nor as long, and within a short period of time will decrease in frequency also. Until sinus attacks are only mild and experienced as a result of the common cold or flu, as most people do from time-to-time.

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