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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or CFS, is a collection of symptoms and conditions. People with CFS suffer with an unexplained, persistent or relapsing fatigue for six months or more, which is not substantially alleviated by rest. Plus there can be a collection of other symptoms such as impaired concentration impaired short-term memory, sore throat, tender lymph glands around the neck and armpits, a new pattern of headaches, muscle pain, multi-joint pain without arthritis, tiredness after activity lasting more than 24 hours, and depression.

Initially, treatment for people with CFS is similar as for people with depression. With CFS, your body’s dynamics have become sluggish. You sleep but wake just as tired. Even mild activity is exhausting. We use Craniosacral Therapy to work with the central energy source of the body, the Cranial Rhythm. The Cranial Rhythm is created by the movement of fluid in and around the skull and spine.

In people with CFS, there is disharmony in the movement of this fluid. We assess and work with the Cranial Rhythm to restore the proper ebb and flow – increasing your vitality and energy.

Using Craniosacral Theapy, headaches reduce in severity and frequency within a short series of treatment and then with further treatment they cease to occur.

Many people with CFS, also clench their jaw or grind their teeth. We highly recommend a jaw unwind to relieve and release pent-up tension and anxiety held in this powerhouse area of the body.

As your body is in an impaired condition, gentle Myofascial Release techniques are used to passively release stored tension as a result of non-restorative sleep, relieving muscle aches and joint pains.

Treatment involves a gentle yet systematic plan of peeling away the effects of the condition, freeing your bodymind© to function more efficiently with energy reserves released from maintaining energy cysts enabling you to feel an increasing connection with self.

We also recommend counselling or psychotherapy to help you work through the myriad of feelings that accompany this condition, for example, frustration and anger and sense of uselessness at the ongoing lethargy. And to combine this with improving your body's functioning and energy reserves.

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