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Children are young, active beings and can so have falls, sprains, fractures. They are also growing and developing every year and dealing with an enormous amount of physical and psychological changes which are often expressed in body stance and posture. Along the way of learning so much, they may miss how to understand their ever-changing body.

We have experience with children of all ages from newborns, shy pre-schoolers, wriggly and giggly primary school students to withdrawn pre-teens and teenagers. Our experience helps your child feel comfortable and very responsive to treatment.

Treatment can be for the usual falls in sports, chronic headaches / migraines, menstrual pain or abnormal bleeding, growing pains, Osgood Schlatter's disease, sinus pain, irritable bowel, night terrors, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, epilepsy, young athletes to aid their sporting program. These are just a few examples of conditions we treat for children - please ask about your child and their needs.

In treatment, we adjust our treatment style and way of communicating so that your child understands why we are doing what we are. We have seen withdrawn physically and emotionally children, after a series of treatments bounce out of our centre. Newborns who won't stop crying, be still and totally absorbed during their session. Children with disabilities express great delight in coming to see our practitioners.

Our treatment for newborns is for a wide range of complaints. The most common being; reflux, lack of suckling reflex, heal obvious signs of bruising from vacuum or forceps delivery, check on cranial and spinal balance post long or traumatic birth, sleeping problems, severe and recurrent wind pain. These are just some of the conditions we treat in newborns, if you have a specific question or query about your child - please ring or email and we will happily discuss how we can help.

With children under 16 years of age we ask one of the parents to remain in the room during treatment so that your child feels comfortable.

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