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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is caused by a pinched nerve in one or both wrists. Usually it is the median nerve in the forearm which is compressed as it passes through the wrist, known as the Carpal Tunnel.

The compression affects the nerve's ability to send and receive messages from the brain which in turn affects your control of your forearm and hand and often causes pain.

Aside from median and other nerves, there are muscles, ligaments and tendons passing through the carpal tunnel.

In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, overuse of forearm muscles through work or exercise increases their size at the wrist, such that they cannot fit comfortably in the carpal tunnel as they pass through to attach onto the hand – causing pain and discomfort which radiates into the hand, thumb or fingers. Inflammation may also be present as these structures rub against each other in the confined space.

Your GP or surgeon will recommend a simple surgery which cuts the band of fascia (the retinaculum) which is a tough, band of dense connective tissue holding these muscles in place at the wrist.

This is only a part-solution. It stops the pain of carpel tunnel, but you are then forever without any support for your forearm flexor muscle group at the wrist and the bulking of the muscles through overuse and contraction is still present.

If you would like to keep all of you in place, then before you consider surgery, consider Remedial Treatment. We will release the muscles of the entire arm and up into the neck using Myofascial Release techniques and Craniosacral Therapy to ensure there is not an overactivation of nerves feeding this area.

Then as your capacity to use your arm and hand without pain we will complement this with Remedial work, Muscle Energy Technique, stretches and strengthening and adjusting daily activities so that they do not aggravate the flexor muscle group.

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