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Arm & Elbow Pain

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) | Golfer's Elbow | Tennis Elbow

When you have arm pain, we also think neck. So many nerves and vessels that feed the arm originate in the neck. Muscular or fascial restriction in this area will affect the functioning of the muscles and nerves of your arm.

We work gently with the fascia that binds the arm bones and muscles together to release restrictions with Myofascial Release. Using a combination of Myofascial and Remedial Treatment we work into the front and back shoulder joint and up into the neck. With Craniosacral Therapy we ensure your cervical (neck) vertebrae are in alignment and not pressing on nerves exiting the spine.

An unwinding treatment of the arm, is a very effective and gentle way to release many structures at once.

With Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow (you don’t have to play either sport to have these conditions) muscles which support the flexion and extension of the arm at the elbow joint become overused and spasm, causing ongoing pain and discomfort.

This can also trap nerves and restrict blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the lower arm. We use Myofascial and Remedial and Sports Treatment techniques to release the restriction and then a series of exercises to stretch out the arm and working with you to be mindful of your muscle activation when doing routine activities which led to the condition initially.

RSI or Repetitive Strain Injury can affect anyone, though often experienced by people in an office environment where they are required to maintain static postures for long periods of time or perform repetitive movements especially under time pressure.

This can be quite debilitating or an ongoing annoyance - either way the injury is created by long-term tension (of more than 3 months, most often years).

It usually occurs in the upper limbs and affects the soft tissues (muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments). It can radiate pain down the arms and up into the head and neck, causing headaches or migraines or feeling of pressure behind the eyes.

People with RSI suffer with chronic pain (pain that is ongoing for more than 3 months). Living with ongoing pain uses energy resources which means the person has less energy for activities which provide joy in their life.

We work in a gentle way with the affected limb and surrounding structures (neck, head, hand) using a combination of Craniosacral work to calm the Central Nervous System which is overactive from responding to chronic pain stimuli.

We then use Myofascial Treatment to unwind the arm and hand and neck and gently release the tissues which may be seized or tender to the slightest touch.

As you and your body heal we then use Remedial techniques that work into the muscles once they are healthy and able to accommodate the treatment.

We feel it is an important part of our treatment plan with you to understand the pressures in the work or life environment which precipitated you to hold repeated layers of tension in the upper body. To undo this postural habit will enable recovery for the long-term.

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