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Anxiety & Panic Attacks

We see Panic Attacks as an escalated state of Anxiety. In both situations, the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response is activated to a high degree. The level of response by the bodymind© is usually not congruent with the degree of threat in the environment – as such the system is over-reactive to everyday stimuli putting much strain on both your physical and emotional self.

In bodywork treatment of Anxiety and Panic Attacks, we recommend a two-pronged approach of physical activity and calming of the bodymind©.

In a state of anxiety or panic, adrenalin and other stress chemicals, such as cortisol, are pumped into our bloodstream. These stress chemicals need to be burnt off through physical activity. Physical activity which provides a cardiovascular workout, such as a brisk walk for 30 minutes, should be done once a day to remove these chemicals from your bloodstream. This is one aspect of managing the anxiety / panic cycle.

The second is promoting a state of ongoing bodily calm and safety to break the anxiety / panic cycle. This is a preventative and ongoing management tool to dissipate the triggers causing the conditioned anxiety response. We work with the central nervous system using Craniosacral Therapy and/or Acupuncture to calm the bodymind©, and the ‘fight or flight’ response. We induce a state of deep relaxation to allow your body time to process and remember true bodily connection and inner peace.

Naturopathy and Homeopathy also offer natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications which can be addictive and mask the anxiety but never resolve it. In Naturopathy your Practitioner will prescribe Western Herbal Medicine and may discuss blood tests to determine whether your system is in adrenal fatigue as a result of the anxiety.With Homeopathy, the prescription of Homeopathic Medicine is very precise and treats the cause and the symptoms, with natural, non-toxic, but very effective dosages.

This is done in a state of safety and security. Physical and emotional tension may surface to be released and free the bodymind© of this energy drain. Emotional release is allowed and does not surprise nor burden your practitioner. Your resulting relief allows for a greater embodiment of self and surety in dealing with both your internal and external life.

Treatment also combines Myofascial Release and Remedial Treatment to unlock and free the muscular and fascial tissues which will have become tense and contracted as a result of the anxiety and panic cycles.

We strongly recommend that work on the cellular level through bodywork to create and maintain a state of physical safety and calm is combined with psychotherapy / counselling which addresses thought processes, self-beliefs, boundary setting, and past experiences which are part of the mind aspect of the spritual, physical, mental continuum of this and all conditions.

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