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Pain Relief Lady and any of her team respect you and your privacy, which includes your personal and health-related information, as defined by highs level of integrity, commonsense, and the law..

Health and personal information collected about you as part of providing services for you is kept secure, with access restricted to your treating practitioner with information shared only so far as required by law.

We are by law required to provide health information if requested by law enforcement agencies in certain circumstances, or with your consent, or if we believe there is imminent danger to your life, health, or safety, or that of another person.

Personal information you provide to us such as name, address, email, phone numbers, date of birth, personal history is kept secure and only used as per law to contact you regarding your health treatment, health education, or to inform you of Pain Relief Lady services, programs, or products.

Should you wish to not receive or restrict the types of communication from us, then you can at any time request such.

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