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Sometimes the fittest people do not have what Pain Relief Lady calls bodyhealth©.

Fit people have good strength, good cardiovascular functioning, they also look good - lean, muscular and toned.

Bodyhealth© looks at you as what you are - a wholistic organism.

Having muscular legs, for example, and being able to lift many kilos at the gym is one measurement of health of the lower limbs.

Pain Relief Lady adds to this the health of the tissues involved. Do your legs (to continue the example) have flexibility, normal range of motion, strength in all ranges of motion or just one (the same motion you use at the gym)?

Are the opposing muscles in balance, or are they weak and therefore causing an imbalance in your structural alignment, putting uneven pressure on joints.

Is your body stiff from over-workout or is it pliable (as it should be)?

These are the types of questions she applies to determine your bodyhealth©.

Looking good and feeling good is of course - fantastic! Pain Relief Lady adds to this by coaching you to consider other measurements of good health and physical functioning to increase your overall bodyhealth©.

Pain Relief Lady does this as her main aim is to empower you with the tools to maintain great bodyhealth© and functioning, improving your vitality and zest for life and living!


Societal thinking promotes a schism (a divide) between our intellect and our physicality. And quite often it would seem people feel that their bodies have betrayed or defied the control of their mind.

Pain Relief Lady sees the mind, the body, the spirit, on one continuum — separate and unique, but connected.

Our bodies have their own unique brand of intelligence, which she calls the bodymind©.

Our bodies process feelings (both physical sensations and our emotions). Our minds process thoughts.

In treatment Pain Relief Lady works with your body and its intelligence – the bodymind© – to achieve the best results.

By working with the bodymind© intelligence she unravels the stresses that are locked in tissues restoring you back to balance & health, faster. Her aim is also to teach you how to work with this intelligence in and outside of consults for your ongoing wellness.