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Stretching & Strengthening

Stretching is more important than exercise. Demanding more from chronically contracted muscles is counterproductive.

We take your body through a series of active and passive stretches and show you ones that you can do as part of your day.

We also guide you through strengthening exercises for the opposing muscles so your body regains balanced functioning.

Stretching and strengthening are absolutely essential to consistent progress and maintenance of proper alignment, flexibility and functioning. But quite often we load the muscles which need to be stretched and stretch the ones we need to strengthen!

In other words when we decide to ?get healthy? we do things which feel ?normal? and maintain our old muscle activation patterns. We feel mentally better and physically worked out ? BUT we are reinforcing unhelpful muscle recruitment and heading towards injury later down the track.

In a stretching & strengthening session we will assess your current range of motion and then work with you on the weakest areas using a variety of passive and active releases and Muscle Energy Technique to strengthen the correct muscles.

This session is strong on education, we want you to understand and be able to use this at home, as it is the only way to maintain the achievements made in treatment or as part of your exercise program.



  • Postural / muscular imbalances
  • Consolidate postural releases achieved through treatment
  • Post-injury
  • Increase range of movement of limbs and at joints
  • Sit / Stand without discomfort
  • Healthy living
  • Body awareness and care