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Massage - Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time of growth for you and your baby.

Hormones secreted during pregnancy allow your muscles and ligaments extra stretch to accommodate your growing baby's space needs. This is just one of Nature's intelligences, but for Mums-to-be restrictions in either your muscles, ligaments, fascia (connective tissue), or skeletal alignment may mean that as your shape grows and changes old niggles may become painful or new pains may emerge.

Pregnancy Massage is a wonderfully nurturing therapy and is exactly what you need, plus it is also a treatment which will specifically address your muscular aches including tense shoulders, low back pain, leg and foot cramps, headaches, sore knees and more.

As your belly enlarges and you can no longer lie face down, we are still able to massage your back, shoulders and legs and accommodate your comfort with supporting pillows.

Consider our other treatments which are also very beneficial for your wellbeing, comfort and happiness throughout pregnancy:

Craniosacral Therapy - is a very gentle, Osteopathic-developed technique, which can realign your hips, neck, back without manipulation. Fantastic also for headaches and neck tension created by loss of use of your stomach muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage - for many pregnant women, swelling feet, ankles and lower limbs are hallmarks of your third trimester as lymph drainage lines are unable to function properly due to your decreased movement and the weight of your baby. A must for women suffering puffy feet! Also good post-birth after your milk comes in to prevent mastitis.

Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine / Naturopathy - to alleviate morning sickness, ensure good nutrition, improve energy, meet the nutritional needs for your baby.