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Craniosacral - Headaches / Migraines

With headaches, we ascertain the type, location on head it is felt, frequency and severity. Having headaches any more than once a month is too much and signals need for treatment and a review of lifestyle and life expectations and timeframes.

Headaches can be the result of: chronic neck and shoulder tension; substance withdrawal such as caffeine; mental stress; dietary-related such as low blood sugar; dehydration; and in women hormonal fluctuations.

Migraine triggers vary; from food-related triggers such as red wine and chocolate, sleep, menstruation, oral contraceptives, stress, physical exertion, fatigue, excitement, and other emotional factors.

Migraines start as a headache followed by any or all of: depression, irritability, restlessness, visual disturbances (eg aversion to light, blurry vision, migraine aura), nausea and vomiting.

Both headaches and migraines reduce the flow of blood in and around the brain.

Aside from dietary steps we discuss with you, treatment with Craniosacral Therapy is very gentle yet effective in reducing compression between the cranial bones, releasing restriction in cranial membranes and decreasing muscular tightness in neck, jaw, and shoulder muscles which also attach to the skull.

Chronically tight muscles can be very hard to work with and easily triggered to overactivate. Craniosacral Therapy works with the body's strain patterns and so comes under the radar of hypersensitive or hypertonic muscle responses to induce relaxation and muscle release through the nervous system. Then it is easier to work with the muscle and any adhesions which have built up over time using Trigger Point or Remedial Massage.

In Craniosacral work we look at your body as a whole and areas which the neck, jaw, and shoulders may be compensating for. If so, we will through a postural assessment and treatment determine whether your regular headaches and | or migraines are the result of a pelvic imbalance or lower limb issue. Then to achieve lasting relief, we work with both sites of strain to resolve the pattern as a whole.

With Craniosacral Therapy we work with the head and area of pain. Using only 2 grams or less of pressure we assess cranial bone position and any anomalies felt in movement (NO bone manipulation involved). We assess whether the dysfunction is from within the central nervous system or being influenced by factors outside of this, such as pelvic imbalance or fascial / muscular restriction elsewhere in the body.

In treating headaches and migraines we may be working with your feet, as in the universe and our body, we are all connected.