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Massage - Lymphatic Drainage


A very light pressure technique which stimulates the lymph (body's waste products) to be expelled. Good for fluid build-up due to sedentary lifestyle, or as a general detoxification for the whole body.

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Massage - Myofascial Therapy


Myofascial Therapy has the benefit of working deep into the layers of restriction around muscles, organs, bones, and other structures of the body which cannot be felt using other techniques.

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Massage - Remedial


Remedial Massage as a treatment-based therapy is a systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments, tendons) to return the tissues to their natural, hydrated and flexible state.

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Massage - Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a wonderful time of growth for you and your baby. And for you may mean pain and discomfort as your body changes or baby presses on new areas. We can help relieve aches and pains gently and safely and leave you feeling blissful.

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Stretching & Strengthening


Stretching is more important than exercise. Demanding more from chronically contracted muscles is counterproductive.

We take your body through a series of active and passive stretches and show you ones that you can do as part of your day.

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