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Pathology Testing

At The Source of Wellness we diagnose combining an evidence-based, medical model with Natural Therapy tools such as in Traditional Chinese Medicine tongue analysis, Chinese Medicine pulse reading and in Naturopathy diet assessment, mental /physical /emotional profile and iridology. Then in treating your condition or illness we use Natural Herbal Medicines (both Western and Chinese), Homeopathics, Flower Essences, or Acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

If your Naturopath / Nutritionist / Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner believes it would be worthwhile pinpointing imbalances in your system to aid your treatment and recovery from illness or disease, pathology testing may be discussed with you as an option.

We are able to order tests for you for example: autoantibody screens, candida antibodies, cholesterol, coeliac, cortisol (stress hormone), glandular fever, full blood count, female hormone profile, glucose, helicobacter pylori, insulin, iron studes, legionella, Ross River virus, liver function tests, renal function tests, prostate specific antigen, reverse T3, thyroid function tests, vitamin deficiency and many others.

Plus we can send a hair sample for Hair Mineral Analysis.

We can also provide in-house Heavy Metal tests, and urine testing for immediate results.

Please note: pathology testing is not Medicare-rebatable and is a fee-per-test ranging from $5 to $100 approximately. Testing will be discussed with you before referral.



Pathology testing done by reputable laboratories as used by your doctor

Combine modern medicine testing with non-toxic Natural Medicine treatment

Know what tests are being done and why

Have test results interpreted in a wholistic medicine treatment model