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Infant Treatments

Infant Treatments are for babies born both naturally and by caesarean. Especially if forceps were used during delivery.

Babies are ideally designed with soft, pliable bones especially bones of the skull to allow their passage through the birth canal.

But birth being a squishy affair even their pliable bodies can be pulled out of alignment during the experience.

Even if your babe was born by caesarean, depending on positioning in the womb and whether the head was engaged for very long before delivery or whether vaginal delivery began and then caesarean chosen. Your baby may require treatment to realign their system.

We use very gentle Craniosacral Therapy (CST) to simply check your baby's bone positioning. NO manipulation is done, but bones realign without force with CST. This can lead to a more settled baby, and a happier you. Our Craniosacral Therapist has been working with babies and children since the year 2000 and has helped many families in getting more peace in the early years.

Parents when you come in, please be prepared to:

  • feed your baby again (even if you fed him/her just before coming in) treatment makes most babies starving hungry quickly. We can work around breastfeeding and bottle feeding quite easily
  • distract, amuse or soothe your child (we need you to be involved) while treatment is done and bring favourite toys or rattles to do this. Babies will react to things changing in their body as for them every feeling is new and the unknown
  • sometimes we treat standing up, or on a mattress on the floor, on the table, or in your arms. We are adaptable and you need to be too because children are changeable and we work with them where they are at in that moment
  • parents be aware that you are not our focus in treatment, and we may or may not maintain conversation with you as we need to focus on your child and what is happening for them.
  • know that this is a gentle treatment and if you need quite physical action to take place you will be disappointed. This is a careful treatment that works through the nervous system to make changes in the soft tissues (muscles, fascia) to make impacts on skeletal and cranial bone alignment. Babies are receptive and don't need the kind of physicality adults do to make changes in their system
  • almost all children will have a wonderfully deep sleep post treatment as their bodies process the changes made, please allow for this and head home and give them this time to process.
  • most babies will require 3-5 treatments to resolve their issue. If multiple issues then we will focus on 2 issues at one time to get improvement
  • we need the first session to work with your child and fully assess what they need for next treatment. Please don't expect we will 'cure' them in one session.
  • if you or your husband need more explanation of what is being done and why, then please ask as we are involved in treating your child and may not explain everything while we are doing it.

Craniosacral Therapy also helps with suckling issues, breast attachment, sleeping, colic, wind, poor bowel function including constipation and diarrohea, constant irritability, flat heads, twists in their neck.

We also show you how to soothe and calm your baby using simple techniques.

Homeopathic medicines are also recommended for baby conditions such as skin rashes, digestive problems - wind, reflux.



  • Helps settles babies who cry when they are not hungry nor wet nor in need of affection
  • Realigns baby's bony structures in the most gentle way
  • Relieves colic, snuffles, reflux, wind, skin rashes, tight jaws, weak or tight neck muscles