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Qi Gong Meditation Classes

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Pay Desley (instructor) cash

$10 first class

$15 per class when you pre-pay for 2 or more classes (applicable to term first used in)

$20 per class casual rate

We invite you to join Desley's Qi Gong Meditation Classes based on the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine to learn how to meditate while moving, calm your mind, and invigorate / heal body pains and conditions.

Five Elements Qi Gong - A Practice that Awakens, Heals and Evolves

'If you want to heal the body, you must first heal the mind' Plato

Activate the ancient wisdom lying deep within you with a set of transformative, gentle and profoundly healing exercises, uplifting music, stress-relieving breathing techniques and deeply relaxing meditations. This beautiful set of practices will fire your memory and your internal alchemy, change your life and allow you to:

  • Bring your whole being back into balance
  • Heal, align and rejuvenate your body, emotions and mind
  • Be the beautiful spirit that you are

Set to an exquisite soundscape of music capable of triggering healing reactions, and supporting your spiritual strength while you practice, the melodies promote resonance between the inner organs creating synchronous vibrations.

Reclaim a happy, healthy life today

Teacher: Desley Lee. Desley has practised and studied a number of forms of Qi Gong since 2003.

She is passionate about the very real healing benefits of Qi Gong, and is devoted to helping you to remember how to listen to and feel the miracle that is your human body.

Five Elements Qi Gong is based on the Chinese shamanic (spiritual) perspective that the body is an energetic system constructed of an intricate web of five subsystems.

Class Information: Qi Gong can be practised from the very young to the elderly, is helpful for relieving all manner of physical and emotional issues, can be done standing, sitting or lying down, inside or outside, day or night.

The first part of the classes involves invigorating the energy centres and channels in our body with gentle movements. The second part of the class is a guided visualisation meditation. The two combined open up & enliven the body so it can function better and calm and still your mind for better overall wellbeing.

Desley teaches Qi Gong as a healing method, this is a different style altogether and is done according to class skill and length of practise.

Qi Gong (pronounced "Chee Goong"). 'Qi' is the potent life force within you and all life forms. 'Qi' or life force energy can be cultivated purposefully to resolve any challenge or enhance any function. 'Gong' means to practice, cultivate or refine, ultimately leading to mastery. Therefore, 'Qi Gong' means to cultivate or refine your potent life force (vitality) through practice.

The practice of Qi Gong invigorates your internal systems, relaxes your body, calms and focusses your mind - and reminds you to breathe in health and wellbeing. Regular daily practice will change how you feel and change how you interact with your world.

When you are calm, you deal with situations calmly, life becomes calm

Day Time Location
Saturdays 9.30am-10.30am

2 Brooklea Place, Ferndale

Phone Desley 0402 779 820 to ask questions



Cost: $10 first class, $15 per class prepay for 2 or more classes, $20 casual class. Payment is by cash, or can prepay for several classes at a time to save hassles with money. Prices

You can join the classes at any time during the term. Qi Gong is cumulative not sequential - think of it as a practice for the spirit.

Classes run every Saturday with the occasional Saturday off. Please phone Desley 0402 779 820 to check dates.

Create that space for yourself and book to change from stressed to content, from busy to productive. Spend 1 hour with us each week and we promise you, you'll leave in a different head space and with easy workable tools to use everyday in moments of stress or busy-ness.

Desley will also provide tips throughout the class for dealing with specific issues such as headaches, colds, fevers, sciatica that can be worked with using Qi Gong techniques for you to practise at home.

To Book into a Class click here and go to the Meditation/Workshop page (Group Sessions tab)

Pay Desley (instructor) cash

What people are saying about Qi Gong Meditation:

  • "I'm feeling invigorated, more aware of my body and how it is feeling...there is more energy running through my entire body. I have thoroughly enjoyed the workshop....thank you"
  • "Am feeling nice and relaxed and should sleep well tonight....I could feel the energy moving through my hands and tingling, a good exercise for letting go during the day"
  • "I came with pain and tension in my neck and shoulders - now gone. My mind is more relaxed and not clogged with thoughts. Very pleased I did it."
  • "Really good - I'd like to introduce it to others"
  • "....time stopped and slowed down....I have a new tool to reenergise myself and learned some really useful tips about my breathing. Thank you"
  • "It was easy to pick up and at the end of the meditation I was very aware of my body. I look forward to continuing in the future. Thank you"

Qi Gong is fantastic for people who want to exercise but are restricted by poor health or health conditions such as recent heart failure, stroke, heart attack, smokers, diabetics, elderly, insomnia, lethargic, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue etc 

Qi Gong can be done sitting, standing or lying down as required by any health complaint or injury you may have.

Qi Gong is the Father of Tai Chi & is a combination of gentle specific exercise, breathing techniques, meditation & self-massage.

Qi Gong calms your body & mind

Each aspect of Qi Gong plays a part in assisting the flow of energy through the body, eliminating tension & quietening the mind.

By the self-regulation of energy in the body, people who practice Qi Gong improve their health by sending the flow of Qi to distressed areas, making our energy work more effectively & help our body to repair naturally.

If we compare the human body to a battery, correct & moderate practice of Medical Qi Gong 'positively charges' the body, increasing the reservoir of healing energy that stress, worry & poor health dissipates.

To Book into a Class click here and go to the Meditation/Workshop page (Group Sessions tab)


Workshop space The Source of Wellness

Outdoor Meditation The Source of Wellness


  • Complements other forms of meditation eg seated meditation styles
  • Good for men, women, children, elderly
  • Great for rehabilitation from illness (including heart disease, stroke, heart attack) or injury (such as knee complaints, bad backs, sciatica)
  • Insomnia | Sleep apnea
  • Chronic Fatigue | Persistent Tiredness
  • Irritability | Mood swings | Frequent Anger