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Life Coaching

When we play sport we have a coach. When we learn any new skill, we have a teacher.

When we reach adulthood, we are expected to go it alone ... with no instruction manual on how to navigate every challenge, obstacle, or new situation.

Family and friends are great, but what if you want an independent person, a Life Coach with specific skills in Goal Setting, Goal Planning, Goal Implementation and Goal Achievement because you feel:

  • tired of making every decision without help
  • want a constructive sounding board away from family and friends
  • need an independent eye and ear, to see what you can't because you're involved
  • someone to help you set out the plan on how to achieve any desired goal whether that be resolution of a health problem, resolution of a past emotional hurt, strategies to deal with a current and upsetting issue, implementing a new healthy habit (and letting go an old, unhelpful habit)
  • advice on changing jobs / careers - if not this, what?
  • divorcing or making major life change or several life changes all at once, how to plan and prioritise
  • a coach to inspire when you feel ready to walk away from your plan and yourself
  • a coach to guide or tweak what you are doing to achieve your goal faster or easier
  • when to recognise that the goal has changed due to time, or change in life circumstances

Life Coaching is not only about starting something new and exciting, it is as often about the process of letting go of something old and outdated - something that is weighing you down / holding you back. Your Life Coach can help you identify attitudes or self-limiting thoughts no longer relevant given your new plan.

Life Coaching is not therapy or counselling. While we discuss issues, obstacles or problems it is in the context of a goal-oriented approach, it is solution-focussed. If you need counselling for strong negative emotions we will ask you to chat with your GP for a referral to a psychologist or counsellor in your area.

The best part of having a Life Coach is having an independent, supportive observer who can see what you cannot, someone who is here to work in your best interests, and help illuminate areas overlooked by your old blinkers.

To make room for the new, you first have to identify what is old and that can be hard because what has always been there becomes "like the wallpaper" of your life - present but not noticed anymore and can be what is preventing you from making change.

All the time our Life Coach, Ally Smart, works with people who need someone on their support team. She is that person dedicated to helping you grow in whichever way that is important for you at this time. Sometimes it is just so hard to get started, stay on track, remember why you are doing this, or make it to the end or even enjoy the achievement of your goal.

There is also post-achievement blues. Once you have reached that goal, life seems a bit bare. Ally can help you transition from big-life goal to normal life and back to the next life goal. Transitions are key to happy living and Ally is a skilled facilitator in helping people move from one life stage or life purpose to the next.

Our Life Coaching sessions together are unlike any other, we can choose together to bring you into your body and out of your head during our Life Coaching Consults if this is stopping you achieving your goals or in furthering your ability to think and act more clearly, or clear any blockages in the physical body from past situations stored in the muscle memory and "keeping you set in your ways".

Ally Smart has been a qualified Health Practitioner since year 2000 and knows the strength of connecting mind and body to achieve wholeness, wellness and ultimately achieve whatever goal we desire.

Bodywork if integrated will be for a small part of the session (10 minutes) and will be either Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy or Acupressure or Meditation, each of these Therapies are done with you fully clothed and only if it seems relevant and by agreement.

Frequency of Coaching sessions will be individual depending on what you need with a mix of times of higher need balanced with periods of 'checking in' and maintaining the accountability and momentum on long-term goals.

Feel free to email with any questions about the applicability of Life Coaching sessions for you today!

New Life Old Life

Good v Great Coach


  • Any goal - sometimes our Goals are positive "I want to learn a new skill", sometimes our Goals are stopping a negative "I want to stop doing this", whatever it is Life Coaching will help
  • Life gets busy for people and often overwhelming. Come see our Life Coach when you need a supportive guide to prioritise, rearrange, plan a timeline, and get on track with 'life and its demands'
  • Making Major Life Changes - need help working out what to do and how? Chat with our Life Coach for seasoned strategies to make life manageable again
  • Be the Boss! Get out from underneath all your life stress and take charge of what and how again!
  • Work / Life Balance - it isn't a myth. Your Life Coach will help you find it
  • Help to identify your True Goal
  • Help to see the obstacles and innovative strategies to overcome, minimise or remove them
  • Cheer Squad - Your Life Coach is Your Support and Your Pep Talk Coach!
  • Focus on Solutions to problems - get you moving forward with momentum
  • Guaranteed Happy Face & Celebration when you Achieve Your Goal!