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Ally's clinic is located in Perth, Australia but distance is only a keyboard click away with online consults available and time zones easily negotiated

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For Australians Health Fund Rebates are available for Pain Treatment.

Platinum Coaching for Women

Platinum Coaching involves Life and Business issues, Office Politics, Business Planning, Life Dreams, Team Building, Relationship Conflict, WellnessLife Transitions, Work-Life Balance

Problems occur throughout life. Most of them we can work through, and draw on the advice of family and friends. What do you do when your particular issue is beyond the skills of your family and friends? Is very personal, or involves your family or friends? Get a Coach! And go Platinum!

Platinum Coaching for Women is a specialised service for women which is tailored to how we handle life and issues that arise. Women with all kinds of issues come see Ally for Platinum Coaching including relationship conflict both personal and professional, family problems including health and care of parents, business strategies, career advancement, spiritual expansion, redefining and reconfiguring life to rediscover joy in living.

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Pain Treatment for Chronic & Recurring Pain

Pain Treatment for Chronic & Recurring Pain

Pain Treatment with Ally is not just one modality being applied to treat parts of your body in pain. Pain treatment sessions are higher-end treatment for people in recurring or chronic pain with medical diagnoses or with unexplained pain that has stumped medical specialists.

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Jaw Unwinding

Jaw Unwinding addresses chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding, and enables a deep release in the internal and external jaw muscles, neck, upper shoulders.

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Craniosacral Therapy

Headaches/Migraines, Jaw Unwinding, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sleep Disturbances, Eye Problems, Aches/Pains, Infants

Craniosacral Therapy or CST is an osteopathic technique developed by Dr William Sutherland in 1892. It works with the nervous system to relax the muscles and realign bones. Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a much deeper style of treating again.

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Acupressure (Acupuncture without needles), Fertility Acupressure

Acupressure is one of the modalities of Chinese Medicine and is the most well-known. Acupressure works with the body's acupuncture points using finger pressure instead of needles. Using fingers provides a superior service as your practitioner gets immediate feedback about where to work and what your body needs.

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Lymphatic Drainage

A very light pressure technique which stimulates the lymph (body's waste products) to be expelled. Good for fluid build-up due to sedentary lifestyle, or as a general detoxification for the whole body.

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Mums and Babies

Infant Treatments

Poor sleeper, Reflux, Colic, Breastfeeding Latching Problem, Constant crying, Vaccinations, Illness, Developmental Milestones not reached

Pregnancy & Postnatal Care

Wholistic care throughout your pregnancy to treat aches, pains, and other issues.

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