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If you've got your health, you have everything

Feeling well, being healthy is the foundation to having a great life and achieving your goals - big or small. Always prioritise your health. Remember if you start to falter or crash, how much can you achieve then? 

You are like your car. You can run yourself into the ground or take regular maintenance to avoid any major life | health situations. 

Ally at The Source of Wellness provides coaching, injury management, rehabilitation, acute pain relief, chronic pain relief, pain management, ongoing maintenance programs, focussed treatment plans, fertility services, weight loss.

Once you get to know Ally at The Source of Wellness, you will know she has skills in health, medicine, and life that will help you feel better, live well.


Platinum Coaching

Platinum Coaching Consults are up to 1 hour

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Pain Treatment

Pain Treatment with Ally is not just one modality being applied to treat parts of your body in pain. Pain treatment sessions are higher end treatment for people in recurring or chronic pain. Ally will treat with a variety of techniques, but also work with you to place your pain on a timeline and connect with family patterns, life events and unravel the knot of your pain to find where your ongoing pain is finding its source of energy. 

Distance Pain Treatment is available to anyone, anywhere in the world who would like to shorten their pain journey. It is a treatment conducted via a video call and treats the imbalance in your electrical / energy layer of the nervous system, which then in the coming days filters into how your physical body feels and functions.

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Jaw Unwinding | Lymphatic Drainage

Jaw Unwinding initial appointment is 1 hour, thereafter 45 minutes or 1 hour will address chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding, will enable a deep release in the internal and external jaw muscles, neck, upper shoulders

Lymphatic Drainage initial appointment is 1 hour, thereafter 45 minutes or 1 hour. Used to treat swelling in limbs, in arms and chest post breast cancer surgery, or abdominal bloating from surgery or sedentary lifestyle, detox from viruses or lifestyle

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Acupressure | Craniosacral Therapy

Acupressure and Craniosacral Therapy

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Gift Certificates

A simple and easy way to brighten anyone's day with a gift which is all about them! Or to give your loved one a helpful nudge to take care of their health.

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Cheer a loved one up
  • Congratulate someone
  • Say I Love You
  • Help your loved one get healthcare

Gift certificates are a great way to say you care.


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Workshop / Meeting / Gathering Space Hire

Our workshop and beautiful outdoor areas are available for hire for workshops, meetings, or small low-key gatherings.

Prices for regular weekly classes or meetings are $22 for one hour, and for example for 3 hours is $115.50 for a workshop or gathering.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements and pricing. We have available an outdoor BBQ and outdoor setting and inside there is a beautiful gourmet kitchen.


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