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Wholistic Weight Loss

Wholistic Weight Loss - what is it?

We work with your body naturally and approach weight gain as the multi-faceted situation that it is.

To lose weight there are often many obstacles to overcome and they can be divided into three main areas:

  1. your routine
  2. what and when you eat  
  3. amount | type | length of exercise

Lose weight with a wholistic approach to your attitude to change, your motivation to succeed

Many of us have begun a 'weight loss' regime in the past and find after a few weeks it's not achieving our goals or is much harder than first thought. Common mistakes made include:

  • Fitness based exercise will not achieve a weight loss goal - exercise needs to be tailored to suit weight loss
  • Timing & type of food eaten will account for 70 per cent of your weight loss plan
  • A mix of walking (20 per cent) and strenous exercise (10 per cent) will complete your weight loss plan
  • Eat more protein, less starchy carbohydrates
  • Fruit eaten on its own as a snack is not good for weight loss!

We offer a range of services and will devise a personalised package for you depending on what you need, the timeframe, and your committment.

Our weight loss services include:

If you have tried fad diets and many other weight loss programs with little success, turn to us for a Wholistic, Natural approach which works. We offer the following options or combinations for your tailored weight loss goal.


Healthy Eating Plans By Our Naturopath

There is a simple rule, every 10 years either exercise 5% more or eat 5% less to stay at your current weight.

Our Naturopath, will work with you one-on-one through a series of individual sessions using a combination of comprehensive health & lifestyle assessment, Naturopathic diagnosis & herbal remedies, Nutritional Plan & diet, exercise advice.

Working 'with' someone will help you be accountable for your eating patterns and our Naturopath will devise for you a healthy eating plan which is less about diet and more about good nutrition and the right balance of muscle building | fat losing eating options.

In your Naturopathic consult, our Naturopath will look at any symptoms you may have and will investigate. Quite often stubborn extra weight may not just be the result of too much or breakout eating and lack of exercise - there may also be an underlying condition which is preventing your body from shedding the extra kilos - this will all be looked at in your consultation and follow-up. 


Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

We know Acupuncture & TCM works because it is something that has worked for thousands of years and it is all natural.

Acupuncture releases endorphins ('feel-good' hormones), which create positive health benefits. It works to free and wake up areas of congestion in the body's physiology which have made you feel sluggish, lethargic and craving sweet sugary foods for false energy.

Acupuncture resets your digestive system functioning, aids in appetite control, and can raise your metabolism to help your body use food efficiently instead of storing it as fat as part of a proper food & exercise plan that we can provide for you.

During the acupuncture treatment you will feel relaxation throughout your whole body. As a result of treatment, your vitality increases & you can make more effective life choices.

In addition to aiding weight loss using acupuncture you can also regulate your menstrual cycle, alleviate mood swings and address other underlying health concerns.

Diet and exercise are essential in any wholistic weight loss program. Most people who use acupuncture to lose weight know what they should and should not eat, but they feel depressed or irritable when they try to stick to a diet.

Acupuncture can relieve such problems and improve your willpower to keep to a healthy eating pattern as devised by our Naturopath | Nutritionist.

Other TCM therapies involved Chinese Herbal Medicine to supplement your vitality and cupping to relieve areas of congestion in your body, decrease stomach bloating, feelings of sluggishness or apathy, control food cravings, improve energy and motivation levels.

Stress Reduction

Stress either makes our body lose weight or gain it. If you experience the latter then it most likely to sit in problem areas for example, right over the top of your belly button, bottom, hips, upper thighs, backs of arms. There are several ways to address this problem and the solution for you will be individual depending on the causes and your reactions to stressful situations.

We offer Acupuncture or Craniosacral Therapy to relax and open up your internal system, relaxing your mind, relaxes your body and enables your body to process food and nutrients effectively reducing fat storage and creating better toxin elimination.

Lymphatic Drainage is a great treatment to kickstart your body's natural detox system. Your lymphatics can become sluggish through poor or binge eating, lack of exercise, alcohol excess, and surgery.

Meditation One2One will also work to enable the same deep healing which you can then do anywhere you have a few quiet moments to tune into yourself and slow down. 

Massage is proven to help you better deal with your new exercise routine and life stress which makes our body store fat. Through Remedial Massage you prevent the mental stresses from causing physical stresses keeping your tissues hydrated, your lymphatic (detox) system working, muscles feeling lean and ready for action, reducing headaches, migraines, joint pain.


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