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Liposuction - Post-Op Recovery

Liposuction will remove the hard-to-shift fat deposits usually with multiple entry sites on areas including abdomen, lower back, hips, upper thighs, back of arms.

Post-op recovery depends largely on getting the correct post-op care straight after your operation. At The Source of Wellness we follow a protocol to help you get to your desired shape quicker and with better results than if you didn't have treatment and hope everything heals.

Our treatment plan for you is:

  • Lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and bruising and effleurage to very gently massage blood flow back into the tissues helping them to heal better and faster and removing inflammation and coagulated blood
  • All liposuction procedures leave harder areas where the tube has been inserted to remove the adipose tissue (fat deposits). It is very important that these are softened and removed during the healing process for the best results. We work very gently when you are bruised but with increasing pressure according to your level of comfort as you heal to soften these areas quickly, making your skin and tissues pliable and hydrated
  • Scar tissue is gently massaged so as to hydrate and ensure scar visibility is reduced during the healing process
  • Advice about posture and exercise to help you keep your new shape

Initially it is highly recommended to have weekly treatments for 4 weeks and if bruising is deep then it is recommended to have twice weekly treatments for 3 weeks.

Thereafter depending on your body's healing rate we space it out to fortnightly for 3 to 4 weeks to ensure the lymphatics are working properly, bruising including deep in the tissues has resolved and tissues are staying pliable.

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