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Body Philosophy

Our body is our link between our mind and our spirit - between what we do and who we are.
Our body has its own intuitive knowing - the bodymind©.


We can for many years ignore the body and its signals.

Then one day we turn our head and can’t move, or reach into a cupboard and shooting pain hits us. Why?
Our body absorbs tension and shock - both physical and emotional.

For example, in a car accident there is excess force from impact that is absorbed by the body, and at the same time how we feel about the impending collision - fear, anxiety, anger - are also absorbed by and held in the body.


In the healing process these excess forces, both physical and emotional, should dissipate. What if they don’t?

Our body is stuck holding this excess energy. Our rhythms and our body mechanics are disrupted. Ever said or heard someone say: ‘My left side doesn’t work that well’ or ‘I always have this pain between my shoulder blades’ or something similar?


If our body has excess tension it has to be used or stored

Same as if you eat too much fat or sugar, whatever the body cannot use in producing energy for your daily activities is stored!

Tension may be caused by repetitive movements, at work or in recreation. Tension can be created by unexpressed or ineffectively expressed emotion, if we can’t or don’t express the feeling constructively we create tension in our body.

At The Source of Wellness we listen to you, we listen to your body, we devise treatment in whatever form is appropriate for you, we teach you how to tune in to your bodymind©, we guide you in preventative measures such as exercise, stretching, and efficient posture - we help you to become body aware and maintain ongoing bodyhealth©.

Please see our list of treatments and our full range of services for a treatment to help you, or contact us either by email with a treatment enquiry or by phone to make an appointment.