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Ally at The Source of Wellness believes in Integrative Health Care & Coaching and will work with other health providers to get the best outcomes for you

After many years as a Health & Coaching Specialist, Ally knows you seek a different Health Professional according to your specific complaint. She offers a range of services including Coaching (Life & Business), Acupressure, Fertility Acupressure, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage and Remedial Therapies to give you the best in health and life.

Ally believes no one profession owns health and provides a range of treatments and will work with a range of practitioners and providers involved in your wellbeing.

She is passionate about health & wellbeing and views the body as the connection between mind and spirit. Ally sees in her patients and clients that life is fuller when you listen to your body while carrying out your life tasks. Knowing something is not right is the first step to reaching wellbeing and a happier life.

She offers a variety of services including acute and chronic health care, rehabilitative, remedial, healing and coaching services for you, your family, and your friends to connect with your wellbeing and your body's dialogue with you.

Whether you have a recent injury, chronic pain, a life goal, or a physical goal (to sit in comfort) then Ally can help.

Our clinic in Ferndale, Perth (South of the River) offers Health Fund Rebates for our variety of services.

Conveniently located in Ferndale, WA (12 kilometres from Perth CBD), we see patients from Perth, East Perth, Burswood, Rivervale, Kewdale, Carlisle, Lathlain, St James, Kensington, Manning, South Perth, Como, Riverton, Willetton, Rossmoyne, Shelley, Applecross, Canning Vale, Bull Creek, Livingston, Harrisdale and Perth metro area.

Please contact us to discuss any health issue or treatment.


We are professionally accredited & qualified practitioners in our fields of expertise. We engage in ongoing professional education to remain current with the latest in our chosen fields, to offer you the best in Wholistic healthcare.

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How Ally works

Ally treats you as a whole being, not as a site of pain and not as a problem to fix. Her services are for a wide range of people at all life stages and for many conditions and situations that cause pain or discomfort whether that be in life's journey or in your body or mind.

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Code of Ethics

As Wholistic Health Practitioners we believe in the science and the art of the human body. We are health professionals who work with our patients to achieve and maintain their good health and wellbeing, instigating the body's natural means of recovery through our expert assistance and interventions.

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Body Philosophy

Our body is our link between our mind and our spirit - between heaven and earth - between what we do and who we are.

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Your Privacy

We respect you and that means we respect your privacy, which includes your personal and health-related information, as defined by law.

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Our Site

Our Site is a place of connection. We have put many hours of service into the information for your better health.

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