• Do you suffer with chronic or recurring pain?

  • Is your engagement with life drained by pain?

  • You want to get off the medical merry-go-round?

Hi I'm Ally, and I provide a pathway, which teaches mastery & relief from pain, using mindset coaching and body treatment at a deeper level than any physiotherapist, chiropractor, medical specialist for low back pain, neck pain, jaw pain & anxiety. 

I want you to reclaim your life to build a better life post-pain than you ever had pre-pain!! Pain is a journey in and a journey out. Let's make the pathway out one to celebrate!

Together we will reframe your pain through mindset, readdress your physical capacity, obstacles, and goals. You'll learn effective pain management techniques plus physical, emotional and spiritual self-care. Drawing on two decades of skills in Psychology and Coaching, Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Physical and Emotion Pain Release, I really look forward to meeting you and helping you begin your pain-relief journey!

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Physical and emotion pain are the same 07/09/2019

In our brain the pain circuit for physical pain is the same for emotion pain. So the distinction we make for ourselves is not supported by our body and it makes much more sense when we consider how often physical pain leads to emotion pain, and emotion pain leads to physical pain. How many times do you see someone in chronic physical pain slide into depression? How many times have you met someone who has anxiety then has chronic jaw tightness or sciatica? The two are interlinked in so many cases of chronic pain as physiologically they are the same on the inside.

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"Ally's treatments were always effective and addressed my condition(s), of which were debilitating migraines and severe shoulder pain. Ally's drug-free treatments proved astonishingly effective when other methods were often unsuccessful." - PM, Ryde

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