The Source of Wellness has provided first-class health & coaching services since the year 2000. Ally is an experienced Health & Coaching Professional, who helps create better health and happier life situations for her clients.

Ally at The Source of Wellness provides Coaching, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Acupressure, Fertility Acupressure, Emotion Release & Resolve Coaching, Lymphatic Drainage. Ally uses her range of skills to treat life problems, business problems, relationship problems, body pain, emotion pain, illness and disease.

Ally helps you tailor this experience called our life to focus on the most important things to you and for you, whether that's learning and practising new strategies to keep moving forward in life or on a goal path, or reduce your pain and other symptoms to improve your health and increase your moments of happiness and long-term joy. She looks forward to meeting you, your family & friends and treats babies, children, teenagers, adults, pregnant women & the elderly.

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Ambidextrous people have better memory 28/04/2019

Ambidextrous people, who do some tasks with one hand and some with the other, have better autobiographical memory than people who have one dominant hand. It is believed ambidextrous people have better communication between the brain's hemispheres.

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"Ally's treatments were always effective and addressed my condition(s), of which were debilitating migraines and severe shoulder pain. Ally's drug-free treatments proved astonishingly effective when other methods were often unsuccessful." - PM, Ryde

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